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Installing QuickBooks Updates



  • Karen

    This does not work for us. Cannot install updates from QB.

  • Allison Liederman

    For insynq customers this doesn't work.  I wish it did.  I'm tired of submitting support tickets every time I need an update installed.

  • Jim Pullen

    Now that Summit owns Insynq, could you (Summit) update your policies to allow us to install these updates? Seems like it would save your tech support staff time and save your customers the hassle of having to submit support tickets for application updates.

  • Larry Layman

    This does not seem to work for me as of April 7 2023.  The users still have the message come up and frankly since I have multiple businesses I work with on one server so how am I supposed to stop all users from working?  Does Summit think that I'm going to do their job at 2AM every week?  In practice my clients don't contact me about updates, but something changed recently and I just got multiple requests / complaints the day after Summit told me they synchronized the Sofware for all users of one company that are on a new and improved server.  In the mean time my clients on the old server seem just fine with updates occurring seamlessly.


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