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Bell Canada Outage - Frequent disconnects issue
Posted by Chris Speers on 29 November 2017 01:52 PM

**UPDATE** At this time Bell appears to be working again, we have not received any further messages about this issue. We will continue to monitor the situation in case it presents itself again.

The ISP "Bell" in Canada is currently experiencing an outage that may be effecting some customer connections. 

SummitHosting customers that use Bell Canada as their Internet Provider are experiencing random and frequent disconnects. 
To our knowledge, Bell has not provided a cause or an ETA for repair. 

This outage is also effecting Bell subsidiary ISPs like Sympatico HSE, Bell Aliant, Northwestel, Stentor National Integrated Communications Network, and others. 

Customers can check the area of the outage here 

Please note: This is not an outage on the SummitHosting side. Our equipment and data center are not part of the Bell network. 

For further status on the outage, Customers will need to contact their ISP.

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Summit Site Article – Ticketed Tech Support
Posted by Brian Wilder on 01 August 2017 03:48 PM

At Summit Hosting we believe in reliable customer support. We also believe that sometimes you need to speak to a real person over the phone and get direct assistance to abate frustration. But sometimes problems occur after call hours end and that's when real frustration sets in. This is why we're proud to say we operate with a 24/7 ticket tech support system. So even though our switch to this new environment has resulted in fewer tickets there are a few things our valued customers should know.

With us, you don't need to worry about calling in on our time. This way, we respond on yours. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, just submit a ticket through our customer tools and we will respond faster with a much more guided solution. Plus, you never have to worry about waiting on hold as just one of our trained technical agents can handle multiple tickets at once rather than one call at a time.

As for results well have no fear, this move to ticket support is seeing mass approval across the industry. More hosting companies resolving mass flagged tech issues over ticketed messages than through call centers. With Summit Hosting this is especially true as we remain the largest provider of Sage hosting in North America and one of the largest when it comes to QuickBooks. So in other words, we can support you even more this way.

But if the problem still persists after two ticketed attempts then rest assured that we're still committed to calling you directly and finding the right managed solution, as always.

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Updated Summit Hosting Knowledgebase
Posted by M. Rocco on 26 April 2017 08:04 AM

We have updated our knowledgebase with many helpful articles to assist users with common issues. If you are having an issue be sure to search the knowledgebase first.

Also if you would like to bookmark our knowledgebase here is the direct URL: 

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Welcome to Summit Hosting
Posted by Warren Patterson on 06 January 2017 12:53 PM

To our valued customers,

We are excited to announce Summit Hosting as our new brand. Summit Hosting is the product of two leading cloud hosting companies coming together to provide a better experience in cloud computing. 

Through MyownASP's acquisition of NovelAspect we are happy to say our service is bigger and better than ever!

Apart from adding valuable expertise to an already resource stable company, the merger will also increase the geographical coverage of our company, improve performance for a more stable and enjoyable experience and allow Summit Hosting to provide an efficient platform for customers to experience true cloud computing.

The merger allows our company to meet and exceed all of our customers' expectations by using the increased infrastructural and personal resources to provide high-quality services and a quicker response time to all queries.

The primary goal of the acquisition is to provide our customers with quality services that are unrivaled in the cloud computing industry.

All of us at Summit Hosting know that this incredible opportunity for growth would not be possible without our fantastic loyal customer base.  We wish to thank you for the continued support.


The Summit Hosting Team

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